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The people who drafted the constitution weren't elected, not all of them anyway and they were from various different institutions and i know many british tories had no influence whatsoever. So the constituion doesn't reflect the will of the people. Besides constitutions shouldn't be about defining policies but policy areas and powers of different constitutions.


I'm honestly not sure what they mean by their statement that centralized decision-making must increase. But then, many of their arguments, to me, seem a bit questionable and ethereal!

Robert Lightfoot

you said: "the elected people who crafted the text were from both the right and the left."

How bureaucrats in Brussels are elected by "the people" is still a mystery to me within so-called EU democracy. I like your site and agree with many talking points but when it comes to electing politicians in Europe I see no true democracy at work as I see no true democracy in the United States. Only the illusions of one.

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