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Michael M.

Come to think of it, a Latin motto would have been the best solution. There are so many wonderful ones to choose from, like "Luctor et emergo" (I struggle but I survive) or "Magister mundi sum!" (I am the master of the universe) or "Quod incepimus conficiemus" (What we have begun we shall finish)


I agree, Latin was a good idea. But some apparently though it was too old-fashioned.

Tim Worstallt

Latin works perfectly for me. Ceterum censeo Unionem Europaeam esse delendam sounds pretty good.
As to the US Constitution...well, yes they do seem to have a pretty good one, worked out the subsidiarity problem, seem to run most of a continent fairly successfully, rich, free, vibrant, why don’t we just adopt that one?
Be quite a lot shorter and we might even be able to get the area of the world in which we have freedom of movement of goods, capital and labour extended.

EU Serf

Funny the EU is all about harmonisation. I would have thought that the word diversity was not suitable at all for the motto.


The could have used the original "Europaische Wirtschaft Gemeinschaft" you cant beat authenticity


I would think a good slogan for the MEPs is Take the money and run(home)


Concordia Res Parvae Crescunt.

And Worstallt, why do you want to destroy the Union?


I think the slogan's not that bad.

You should also take a look at the first line of the preamble to the ECT, which states: (the heads of state,) DETERMINED to lay the foundations of an ever closer union among the peoples of Europe (have decided to create an EC). Though i.m.o. the word 'ever' should be omitted, European cooperaton is and will be all about the different peopleS (plural) of Europe. The EU is not designed to replace the states. It's just an extra, and subordinated, layer of governance. That's why the new constitution is such a big improvement, fi. on subsidiarity-control.
Under the present system, basically the fact that the Council finds it useful to adopt an act, in most cases is good enough for the act to pass the test; the Court of justice, now the one primarily responsible for subsidiarity control, is not allowed to take political decisions, and therefor can only struck down acts clearly not respecting this, like it did with the ban on tobacco advertising.
Under the constitution, the power to take these political decisions will be given to political organs with direct democratic legitimation, the national parliaments, which is a very good thing.
Also, it makes the system less dependent on untransparant negociations at the executive level.


It is unfair to state that "Out of many, one" and "United in diversity" are overly similar.

'E pluribus unum' implies a homogenous aspect which is absent from 'U i D'. The US motto conjures up images of lockstep conformity, whereas the EU effort specifies a distinct lack of homogeneity. Far better, if not as poetic sounding as the latin.

William Humbold Jr

You can now vote online about the EU.

Vote YES or NO to Free Europe Constitution at www.FreeEurope.info

Jeff Thurston

The motto of the United States is, In God We Trust. E pluribus unum is an unofficial saying and rather irrelevant in this discussion.

Check your facts.


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The might have utilized the initial "Europaische Wirtschaft Gemeinschaft" you cant beat legitimacy

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